Logo Design Trends in 2021

logo design trends 2021

Top 10 Logo Design Trends 2021

1) Analogous Color Logo Design
2) Geometric Shape Logo Design
3) Gradient Logo Design
4) Motion Logo Design
5) Symmetrical Logo Design
6) Wordmark Logo Design
7) Black and White Logo Design
8) Minimal Logo Design
9) Symbolic Logo Design
10) Character Style Logo Design

01  Analogous color Logo Design

In technical terms, analogous colors are the shade that sit next to each other on the color wheel. In 2021 we conclude that lots of brands will start to move away from bold contrasts and neon colors towards a  fine visual theme, making use of analogous color strategy.

If you want to select a design like this, choose a primary brand color as your base and highlight it with its nearest colors, muted tones or neutral shades. This can be an especially attractive effect, and is a less distracting color scheme for more bold and complex logo designs. In addition, it can give viewers a relaxing and melodious visual experience.

Analogous color schemes

02  Geometric Shape Logo Design

With this aspiring trend at your fingertips, you can transform an insignificant logo into a masterpiece. If your design has a graphic shape, you can mix it up and paint the two forms in matching colors. A great way to recreate a text-based emblem is by replacing a letter with a revealing illustration. Through diverse geometric shapes, you can enhance your corporate design broadly!

Geometric Shape Logo

03  Gradient Logo Design

The most crucial aspect of logo design is the gradient. It’s the switch in colors and hues used in the logo. The choice of color is witness that your brand adds more personality. You need to make sure that your chosen colors go along with your niche and highlight essential and extraordinary aspects of your brand’s mission and vision. Your logo’s vital meaning relies on the right color theme range and how well you have arranged the gradient. In the color composition, there should be a proper balance to make an attractive gradient logo.

Gradient Logo Design

04  Motion Logo Design

The use of animation and especially micro-animation on websites will be a design trend in 2021, so it seems insightful to animate your logo on your site.  To be sure, animations attract the eye and catch the interest so what could be better or more desirable for logo design. This is design trends that shows your logo is modern and moving in the right direction in more ways than one. For some great inspiration check out these elegance designs.

Motion Logo1
Motion logo2
Motion logo 3
Motion logo 4

05  Symmetrical Logo Design

Balance is one of the main principles of logo design, and symmetry is possibly the most extreme expression of it. Symmetrical logo-marks are identical on each side when intersecting the middle.

While sameness and predictability might seem synonymous with repetition. symmetrical design is all about power. They remind us of buildings, which, however tall and complex are designed to stand their ground, and they accomplish this through perfect symmetrical balance.

Symmetrical logo design

06  Wordmark Logo Design

Wordmark is the design concept of using only your brand name in the logo but using their own designed font. Font design is big news and always pushing the border. Combining your brand with this logo design concept in 2021 is going to be a logo design trend that you will see in future again. Why? Because a well-designed wordmark does the job, confidently, compact and with minimum confusion, it can be used everywhere and on anything and ultimately is awfully recognizable.

07  Black and White Logo Design

Classic black & white design will never go away and really why should it. If you keep support winners, you don’t change strategy. Direct and classy yet still moving forward with modern cool effects. A big player in 2021 logo design trends will be the minimum confusion and maximum impact style of this daddy of design, giving a great canvas to experiment with other newer styles and designs such as animation and 3D.  Our collection of hot cool designs cover the way.

Black and White Logo

08  Minimal Logo Design

Minimalism is one of the mostly followed design styles. It helps to attract audiences and gives them a highly professional design. This helps to build a remarkable effect on the value of the brand and target audiences. Minimalist logos desire to deliver excellent results and can double the rate of growing logos’ productivity.

Minimal Logo Design

09  Symbolic Logo Design

Adding shapes, symbols, and icons will help you successfully construct a logo and give you a graphic representation of your brand. In an emblem your designer makes, you can summarise the spirit of your business. For example, Apple Inc., an excellent IT company, uses an eaten apple symbol to mark its appearance. The business will appear on your mind, now whenever you see an apple, which is how affronting their marketing and branding strategy are.

Symbolic Logo

10  Character Style Logo Design

A top tip for 2021 logo design is to cover a character or mascot. Using the latest techniques and skills designers are becoming more and more imaginative in the creation of such characters, we are no longer talking about a 2D common graphic. The bonus is the icon of a brand, the engaging to the audience, and the increasing ability for using your character. The usual posters, signing,  static advertising are fine but the move into animation, advertising videos, micro-animation, social media, etc are opening up more and more opportunities for the multi-purpose, multi-dimensional use of your logo. To see entirely what can be done check out the following super-smart character designs.

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