Web Design Trends in 2020

web design trends in 2020

Top 10 Web Design Trends

1 ) Dark Mode Design

2 ) Illustration Design

3 ) Video Heros Banner

4 ) Micro Interaction

5 ) 3D Elements Design

6 ) Geometric Shapes Design

7 ) Black & White Design

8 ) Massive Bold fonts sizes

9 ) Vintage Style Design

10 ) Trendy Color Scheme Design

01 Dark Mode Design

For a change now, the dark mode design is trending in both web and mobile design. The code has made dark mode design popular. All could understand that to see the white font on a black background is more comfortable in comparison to see the black on font on white background. Dark mode design doesn’t hurt your eyes even white and classic mode design may hurt your eyes.

02 Illustration Design

The use of illustration design on your website is also an incredibly effective way to engage your visitors and add a human touch to their overall experience. Custom illustration design is trending to add style and personality to your homepage, landing page, or any web page your visitors visit on your websites.

03 Video Heros Banner

The video heros banner is incredibly effective in promoting audience engagement on the website. People respond to and remember visuals at a continuously higher rate than when the same information is presented through words on any website. Our brains simply process video heros banner faster and the experience of watching a video is fun, exciting, and addicting. Audiences share an incredible hunger for consuming video content, which is why it’s projected that within the two years 80% of all web traffic will be tied to video. Thus all the way video heros banner comes to the trends.

04 Micro Intraction

Micro-interactions are one of the hottest web design trends nowadays. Micro-interactions are such a fundamental part of web design right now, that any site without them will probably look boring and blank. Micro-interactions are functions that have one main task, a single purpose and they’re found all over your device and within apps. Their purpose is to pleasure the user  to create a moment that is welcoming and attracting. They determine user experience, provide important feedback, explain functions and even entertain your audience.

05 3D Elements Design

There are thousands of ways to engage your website visitors.  One of these is using 3D elements design in web design. 3D elements design used in web design can make a website more impressive and memorable. 3D elements design is more eye-catching, inspiring, and engaging than flat 2D design. 3D elements in web design show a realistic look and create a feeling of physical presence. 3D elements of web design has a modern and trending touch, which makes interest in your brand and the overall impression.

06 Geometric Shapes Design

Geometric shapes design is often used to convey a certain idea or concept in an effective and eye-catching way for any website. Geometric shapes design is popular as web design and navigation elements to attract the visitors. We used to see rectangles, triangles, and circles as the most well-known geometric objects in web design trends. you will find a huge number of websites all over the web use complex shapes to show off their own unique style to look better for their visitors.

07 Black & White Design

The combination of black and white web design offers the maximum contrast possible because they come from opposite ends of the color spectrum. Black and white web design is a timeless combination and it always works and never goes out of trend. Considering only the colors black and white in web design can look boring and our of the trend. But when done right, black and white designs can be timeless, chic and unique for every visitor.

08 Massive Bold Fonts Sizes

Believe it or not, something as simple as choosing the right bold font size can have a major impact on conversion. Plus, website bold fonts affect the overall appearance of your site. But make sure you pick perfect bold fonts that go well together. Font embedding services (like Google Web Fonts) sprung up as an alternative, giving your designs something new, fresh, and unexpected. When choosing a professional bold font for your website, it’s also necessary to ensure they’re readable, user-friendly and web safe means they work across all browsers and devices.

09 Vintage Style Design

Trends in web design are changing rapidly, and vintage designs come back. The mysterious, unusual vintage design has its niche in web design like handwritten fonts, old cars, models of vintage goods and old vintage fashioned photos. Vintage style websites make, creates a sense of value, subconsciously inspire confidence among visitors and are always remembered to everyone.

10 Trendy Color Scheme Design

There’s a lot to take into mind when you’re designing a website. The color scheme design on your website, and how dated they look, has a bigger impact on visitors than you might realize. In fact, research shows that people judge products within 90 seconds of showing and 90% of that judgment is based on color scheme design alone. Choosing the right color scheme design can enhance readability, increase comprehension, and improve learning.

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