Graphic Design Trends in 2020

graphic design trends

Graphic Design Trends in 2020

1 ) Open Compositions : Ditch the Frames

2 ) 3D : Depth of a New Generation

3 ) Anti – Gravity : Flying & Floating Elements

4 ) Vivid Colors : Atrip to Dreamland

5 ) Metallic Effect

6 ) Fluid & Liquid Effect : Let it Flow!

7 ) Maxi Typography = Maxi Impact

8 ) Outline Typography

9 ) Text with Background : Retro Inspiration

10 ) Realism + Flat Design Elements

11 ) The Color of the Year

12 ) Alternative Art : Strokes, Stains & Doodles

01. Open Compositions : Ditch the Frames

Graphic designers, you remember that old aged design that put both frames visible and invisible on each thing to get the feeling of complete object design. Now that type of design transfer to another one that looks open from whole the object and shows the only glimpse of the whole picture.

Then the designers have experimented with an open combination which is ditch the frames.  An open composition makes the viewer’s imagination a little more strong and that’s it. This open composition frequently shows clear elements and has a more chaotic look, For all the fact that each element has been deliberately selected and placed.

02. 3D : Depth of a New Generation

3D : Depth in graphic design makes your designs feel more catchy. The best part of this type od design is there are all trends can be done in 3D like a bold, skinny script, or any font. 3D design is a stable and trending design for all the upcoming era. And the graphic designers are also well trained to generate 3D design objects.

The 3D graphics, patterns, fonts and any objects give a real visual effect to any image or design. By using different 3D design elements to feel the depth, your design will look more charming and attractive. The main reason for using 3D design is its eye-catching look, though adding depth in a design is a great option to consider.

03. Anti - Gravity : Flying & Floating Elements

The time of flying and floating elements has absolutely come which known as an antigravity graphic design. The idea of designs that move and travel in environments like they are in antigravity and show the feel of freedom.  The 3D design is also mixed up with the antigravity design concept which adds up the visualization to the composition.

The visitors may easily understand the revolutionary when they look at this antigravity design, that naturally add interest. As a result, an ordinary design turns into an extraordinary design. When floating in and out of the screen, these design elements create the concept of a window to the next level of branding.

04. Vivid Colors : Atrip to Dreamland

Vivid colors and a transition of dreamy color gradients will always be continued in trending. As they bring an advanced feeling to design, vivid colors will give you perceive like you are in another space.

By using advanced vivid colors to create charming designs absolutely make designer’s imagination to the next level. Many graphic designers use 3D visualization techniques with trending vivid colors to make attractive designs even better.

The 3D creativity and vivid colors combination make a fabulous design when they are translated into a typography design. Typography in graphic design with vivid colors is a huge part to make its trends.

05. Metallic Effect

One of the graphic designer’s favorite trends is the use of metallic effects in design elements like text and icons. The metallic effect design is trending because of the use of metallic color you can make eye-catching creativity to attract people’s eyes to your design.

When its comes to 3D design with metallic effect elements, your design will jump to the advance level of creativity. Metallic colors like black and white combination will look fabulous in shades of light. The golden color metallic effect is also well known for package designs.

06. Fluid & Liquid Effect : Let it Flow!

Fluid and liquid surfaces give you effect by transfer liquid in design that may give you a chaotic feel and will go in a trend. It can be made with water, oil, paint or any other liquid material.The liquid effect give you an extraordinary look when its comes to the typography.

Liquid has different properties like viscosity and thickness level, though designers can easily improve their designs with wonderful liquid effects. The liquid effect design can create feel of movements and smoothness. Liquid design can also be combined with suitable animation, bold color palette, and gradients.

07. Maxi Typography = Maxi Impact

In graphic design, MAXI typography is so bold and heavy text design that comes out on-page and it takes to the center point. A combination of different font values, a combination of vertical and horizontal orientation with maxi typography will always look catchy.

Maxi typography becomes the focal point for most websites. When you are using maxi typography, make sure that you don’t use 3D elements or gradients to make it more creative.  Maxi typography is popular in designing logos, posters, websites and even on package design.

08. Outline Typography

Outline typography has made an interesting evolution into a graphic design trend. The graphic design trend will be jumping with outline typography when it will be mixed with open composition and 3D elements.

Outline typography is more eye-catching and they can make better use of white space on the website. It is more fun to use. In outline typography, letters can depart in background images and videos rapidly. So take care when you do the adjustment with color, contrast, and placement.

09. Text with Background : Retro Inspiration

A text with the background may look like a retro design, which may surely get a pickup in the upcoming trend of graphic design. Text on a background is looking eye catchy with a composition joined with other trends that are climbing the hill. Text with the background looks inspirational and reliable, so its absolutely going to be a trend in the upcoming era.

10. Realism + Flat Design Elements

There was a time when a flat design comes to the scene with a minimal look across the websites and devices. But now in the upcoming time, graphic designers are evaluated with combine the flat design and realist elements to create a mirror look of their own new style.

As seen on web design, package design and another type of graphic design, the combination of realistic elements and the flat design makes very fabulous creativity, tough the realism and flat design elements must go in the trend.

11. The Color of the Year

Every year, there is a color that inspires graphic designers to create unique designs in that particular color. At the end of every year, the color dictator declare the color of the next year. Then that color will be the first choice in every field like graphic design, web design, package design, print design and many more.

12. Alternative Art : Strokes, Stains & Doodles

We will see lots of improvement in alternative art styles in the future. In graphic design, the Doodles or freestyle design are very fun to make it and see it. Add some eye-catching strokes of the color in freestyle art and doodle is enough to achieve fabulous design for any graphic designer.

These types of artwork and doodles will surely make an attraction to the people. If a designer chooses the correct color strokes and unique elements to create artwork, then that will be definitely to go in the trend in the future.

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